About the LIC

Pioneering year-long
clinical placements

Here at Hull York Medical School, we offer a new opportunity for our students to be immersed in the whole patient journey on their clinical placements, following the same patients over time in varied clinical settings.

Starting in August 2019, our first group of students will be taking part in this innovative patient-centred clinical placement, known as a Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC).

The LIC allows students to follow patients longitudinally over time, seeing patients through all phases of diagnosis and treatment as they navigate different aspects of their care, including GP surgeries, hospitals and community settings.

This continuity in patient interaction allows students become truly involved in the patient journey and build long-term rapport, to the benefit of students and patients alike.

Students will become part of a multidisciplinary team, developing teamwork skills crucial to doctors. This experience enhances our students’ clinical learning and understanding of other roles within each healthcare team. 

When does the LIC take place?

Students can choose to do the LIC in Year 4 instead of the traditional clinical placement rotations.

The LIC is delivered over the full academic year (with up to 32 weeks on placement). There is no difference in term dates to the traditional Year 4 clinical placements.

Where does the LIC take place?

The LIC placements are based in the Hambleton and Richmond area, centred in and around Northallerton.

You will spend on average of 3 days a week in a primary care setting, 1 day per week in a hospital setting (mainly at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, with some of the experiences taking place at James Cook in Middlesbrough) and 1 day per week undertaking self-directed learning and other learning activities.

Interested in finding out more?

Visit www.hyms.ac.uk/lic to find out more about the LIC.